Mission & Vision

We believe everyone has the right to a safe, affordable, and high-quality place to live. Therefore, the mission of the Kingston City Land Bank is to foster an equitable community where vacant or distressed properties are transformed into community assets that improve the quality of life for Kingston residents, stabilize and enhance neighborhoods, and create new pathways for social and economic development.


The Kingston City Land Bank was inaugurated December 2018. We encourage you to stay tuned for opportunities to be involved in our property acquisition and disposition process by visiting our events page.

The Kingston City Land Bank was formed with the purpose of acquiring title to city-owned and other distressed properties in the City of Kingston, removing barriers to redevelopment, and returning the properties to the tax rolls. The key priorities will be to ensure that the reuse of these properties provides opportunities for homeownership for those who might not otherwise be afforded such opportunity, to maintain a range of affordability in the city’s housing stock, and to guide the redevelopment of properties to enhance neighborhoods and suit the needs of the residents of those neighborhoods.