For the first time in 5 (!) years, the Kingston Common Council is considering a resolution to allow the KCLB to purchase 3 vacant, foreclosed single family homes and create new affordable housing. We cannot continue to provide affordable homes for our community without properties to rehab, so please contact your elected officials TODAY and urge them to support our work! 

Feel free to use the sample language below as a guide for urging your local representative to support the resolution, and be sure to add your own personal touch!  


Dear Alderman/Alderwoman _____________________,

As one of your constituents and a member of the Kingston community, I am writing to urge you to support the resolution providing for three vacant and foreclosed properties to the Kingston City Land Bank. 

Since 2020, KCLB’s activities have created the only affordable homeownership opportunities in Kingston, and their most recently completed affordable home was sold late last year. This resolution is necessary so that KCLB can continue its mission of acquiring/rehabilitating vacant/distressed properties, and creating much needed affordable housing. I strongly urge you to support and vote in favor of this resolution. 

Thank you,


You can find your elected representative and their contact information on the City of Kingston’s website here. With your help, just a few minutes of your time can make a huge impact in the lives of future homeowners and our community!

Sincerely and In Partnership,

Mike Gilliard

Executive Director

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